Impala Ray at Muffathalle for Munich Rocks / by Sarah L. Donovan

We've got a busy music week - the free Munich Rocks gig at Muffathalle, then back there on Sunday for The Beards.  I feel like the music game here is super strong, I haven't seen a terrible band yet! 

Impala Ray are Münchners and I found them while trying to figure out who to see at Kulturstrand. After listening to all the artists they had the catchiest songs I could find and I was so excited to see them. They were a smaller version of the band at Kulturstrand - just the lead singer (who also plays guitar/ukulele), drums and tuba. Oh and by the way, a band with a dancing tuba player makes you all sorts of happy! We saw they were playing at Muffathalle as part of Munich Rocks and went along to see them in all their glory - this time with their backup singer/hackbrett player and trumpet player. They were amazing and I'm so sad I won't get to see them again in Munich before we head back to Australia. Come to Aus please?? 

Scroll to the bottom to see my terrible phone video of one of their songs. You'll see what I mean by a dancing tuba player making you happy.