King of the Castle Cafe / by Sarah L. Donovan

As part of uni assessment, our final project was DOCUMENTARY. We had to choose a topic from the list we were given - Before 8am, After 8pm, the Unseen Worker, the Artist. 

I asked King of the Castle Cafe if I could take some photos and they were happy to oblige! 

This cafe is one of the best in Geelong and the reason for that is Robbie, the owner. He's so easy going and jumps on whichever opportunity he can. They work with Give Geelong to raise funds and supplies for Geelong's needy, they have movie nights during the summer, special cronuts, and best of all, Pana chocolate. What more could you want? 

Huge thanks to Robbie and the team for letting me invade your personal space. Now we wait for my marks...