Library Nerd / by Sarah L. Donovan

It's been a long time since I've been a library member. I've always had a membership (or so I thought) but I hadn't been back in so long that they'd upgraded their membership systems and my card was no longer valid. 

Ever since returning to Geelong I've been amazed by the huge egg jutting out of the skyline. I knew it was the library but had never gone in - the city library was always huge compared to my local and I got lost. 

I went in, showed my old card and got signed up with a new one. Technology has come so far - I can reserve books online, research online, get free wifi in the library, do courses about coding or genealogy research or photoshop, and print! Printing seems so mundane, but we have a printer at home that never gets used and because of this, the ink dries up. So we use it more as a scanner and go elsewhere for printing. You can even email in your document then go pick it up at the library! I came away so amazed at just how useful a library is. 

It's currently school holidays so the kids level was beserk. There's so many school holiday activities and courses and fun stuff for kids, I can't wait to get our kid involved. She's going to be a reader from day dot I tell you.