The sunshine is teasing / by Sarah L. Donovan

The weather has been giving us spurts of hope with every day of sunshine, then taking it all back and raining for 4 days straight. Luckily our last sunny day was Sunday, and through intermittent rain bursts, the sun came out for the rest of today.

I had lunch with the lovely Emily in Melbourne town, roamed the city for a little bit, then jumped on a train back home. Friends have been asking about a baby shower but I'm really not into them; I did have a moment of weakness and looked up venues for high tea, and the Botanic Gardens Tea House came up in my searches. The next day I was back to no baby shower, but still had the Geelong Botanic Gardens on my mind. 

A friend had a wedding there last year and it was beautiful, so when I got off the train from Melbourne and the sun was still shining, I decided to keep driving.