Objects of the Dead / by Sarah L. Donovan

I'm working on my first year folio which is due in 2 weeks. Printed. Fine Art Printed. Yeah that's pretty meticulous.

We're learning a lot and Peter Hatzipavlis from The Print Shop @ PSC is an absolute genius. He's definitely one of a kind - A friend told me that she's never heard anyone so enamored with paper, but Peter is, and he really has the eye for it. He 's been working with all the first years for our test printing assignment (so we get to understand the process of preparing our files for a fine art print), and folio work. 

My folio series is about the objects that the deceased leave behind that the living keep as a memento. Most of the time the objects are meaningless but because they were owned by a loved one, the need for that person to 'live forever' is transferred to the object. I'm taking portraits of people, and still life studio images of the items they have kept from their deceased loved one.