Jess & Sean's Wedding / by Sarah L. Donovan

Jess is an 'old' friend of mine. We met uni in an advertising class, then we lived a couple of doors down from each other, then finally we worked together at media agency. We've stayed friends ever since. I love how direct she is and how she can pull fun at anyone. She's a great conversationalist and is always the one to ask questions in those awkward presentations where nobody has anything to say. She makes life more fun. 

It's always fun meeting a friend's partner when you know they are larger than life. The partner is either going to be a quiet introvert, who deals with all their craziness in their own way, or a loud extrovert who pokes fun just as much as they do. Sean is the extrovert who can shut Jess down just as well as she can him (though I think Jess might disagree with me on this one). They're a fun loving couple with a gorgeous fluffy dog called Garry.

Jess asked me to be the photographer at their wedding soon after they got engaged. I was newly pregnant and the wedding was originally going to be 2 months after I was due... I really wasn't sure about it. When she told me it would be later, more like 5 months after, I was more agreeable.

The day was a lot of fun and it was awesome seeing the love from both of their (massive) families and adoring friends.