Melbourne Zoo / by Sarah L. Donovan

I always remember school trips to the zoo because they were always a disaster. It would be a perfect day, then when we got there it would be pissing down raining. It was ALWAYS raining when we had a trip to the zoo booked in! So I don't remember much of the zoo, more of the shelters we sought out to escape the rain, ha!

We went to a couple of zoos in Germany & Austria and I loved how they are beautiful places to visit as well as really cool places for the animals to be - leafy, green, with great enclosures. 

After having my daughter I've wanted to visit the Zoo but it's hard to know when it will actually be interesting for them - she's 9 months old and I thought it would be a good test.

She especially loved the fast-moving animals like the Meerkats, Butterflies, and unfortunately she was asleep for the Lemurs but she would have loved them too!