IsarInselFest 2015 / by Sarah L. Donovan

There seems to be something happening every weekend in Munich. You seriously could never leave this place and still not see everything! 

So this weekend was the first really cold one, and the IsarInselFest was on. From the program online I saw there was a stack of stages set up and just general fun festival-ness, so we had to go and have a look. It was a lot bigger than I thought - it spanned between Ludwigsbrücke and Maximiliansbrücke and everything in between. There were even speedboats taking people on rides down the Isar! The St Lukaskirche was open to have a look too. It's probably open most days but it's the first chance I got to go in. It's a very pretty church from the outside and the inside is no different. The stained glass windows are pretty amazing! It was a cool street festival and I'm glad I got to snap some of the action.