The Beards at Muffathalle / by Sarah L. Donovan

I first heard of The Beards when I went to Bluesfest in Byron Bay, 2013. They played one of the smaller stages and my friend had seen them live previously. They packed out the stage, and you wouldn't know it, but people with beards are generally 6ft tall. I couldn't see a thing but their music was awesome and I couldn't believe they were able to write albums full of songs about beards. They are really one of a kind. The beard love that comes from the crowd is infectious.

When we saw posters around our local Muffatwerk that The Beards were playing soon, we bought tickets immediately, and they did not disappoint. The German crowd loved them and that says a lot for the typical 'no emotions' German crowd.

I can't wait to see them again back in Australia.