Melbourne Zoo by Sarah L. Donovan

I always remember school trips to the zoo because they were always a disaster. It would be a perfect day, then when we got there it would be pissing down raining. It was ALWAYS raining when we had a trip to the zoo booked in! So I don't remember much of the zoo, more of the shelters we sought out to escape the rain, ha!

We went to a couple of zoos in Germany & Austria and I loved how they are beautiful places to visit as well as really cool places for the animals to be - leafy, green, with great enclosures. 

After having my daughter I've wanted to visit the Zoo but it's hard to know when it will actually be interesting for them - she's 9 months old and I thought it would be a good test.

She especially loved the fast-moving animals like the Meerkats, Butterflies, and unfortunately she was asleep for the Lemurs but she would have loved them too! 


Vienna, you stole my heart. by Sarah L. Donovan

I was never really drawn to Vienna. It just wasn't on top of my list. Living in Munich and being so close, it would be silly not to visit at least once. So when our best friends were planning their trip over to visit us, they mentioned they were going to Vienna and we decided to join them. I absolutely loved it. I would describe it as Salzburg x10. Vienna is huge and at every turn there's beautiful architecture, a huge monument, a church either containing mummies, the royal family or bones, a world class museum or a coffee house serving the most delicious coffee I've ever had in my life. I can't wait to go back. 


Rosenheim Herbstfest by Sarah L. Donovan

I had no idea that there were mini-Wiesn festivals all over Germany. Rosenheim is only about half an hour away from Munich, so we decided to spend the last Saturday of the festival in the cute little town. Rosenheim is gorgeous - like that European-cobblestone-road gorgeous. The festival was a lot of fun and I think a lot more authentic, as it is not known to have 1 million visitors in the first weekend! The Dirndls were stunning and there were no drunk Aussies stumbling around and causing trouble. My kind of beer festival indeed. If you're in Germany a week or two before Oktoberfest I'd highly recommend checking out Rosenheim.