Jess & Sean's Wedding by Sarah L. Donovan

Jess is an 'old' friend of mine. We met uni in an advertising class, then we lived a couple of doors down from each other, then finally we worked together at media agency. We've stayed friends ever since. I love how direct she is and how she can pull fun at anyone. She's a great conversationalist and is always the one to ask questions in those awkward presentations where nobody has anything to say. She makes life more fun. 

It's always fun meeting a friend's partner when you know they are larger than life. The partner is either going to be a quiet introvert, who deals with all their craziness in their own way, or a loud extrovert who pokes fun just as much as they do. Sean is the extrovert who can shut Jess down just as well as she can him (though I think Jess might disagree with me on this one). They're a fun loving couple with a gorgeous fluffy dog called Garry.

Jess asked me to be the photographer at their wedding soon after they got engaged. I was newly pregnant and the wedding was originally going to be 2 months after I was due... I really wasn't sure about it. When she told me it would be later, more like 5 months after, I was more agreeable.

The day was a lot of fun and it was awesome seeing the love from both of their (massive) families and adoring friends. 


Wedding season has begun by Sarah L. Donovan

The much anticipated wedding of my father-in-law took place over the weekend, the start of many to come over the summer! 

The girls were primped and pampered at home, while the boys looked after the grandkids. We made our way down to Barwon Heads where Garry & Alison were getting married next to the jetty - where they first met 7 years ago. 

The weather wasn't very nice on the day, but the sunshine came through at the perfect time. The ceremony was small and intimate, just how they wanted. Our family has doubled, officially, finally.