Location Scouting by Sarah L. Donovan

I recently shot my first ever wedding in an 'official' capacity for a friend. Lucky this friend trusts me!! With me being a bit of a 'haftaknow' as my husband calls me, I couldn't just turn up to the wedding and know where I was... I wanted to make sure we weren't missing out on anything awesome and I wanted to walk around the area just in case.

I enlisted the help of my friend Emily from Blue Umbrella Lane, her partner Andrew and our school friend Holly to be my models/helpers, and we found lots of industrial looking brick, tin, garage doors and some awesome street art.

The wedding went well, I learnt a lot (I'd love to ask professional wedding photographers for opinions on some questions that I asked myself during the process) and I'll be sharing some of those images soon.


Wedding season has begun by Sarah L. Donovan

The much anticipated wedding of my father-in-law took place over the weekend, the start of many to come over the summer! 

The girls were primped and pampered at home, while the boys looked after the grandkids. We made our way down to Barwon Heads where Garry & Alison were getting married next to the jetty - where they first met 7 years ago. 

The weather wasn't very nice on the day, but the sunshine came through at the perfect time. The ceremony was small and intimate, just how they wanted. Our family has doubled, officially, finally. 


Rachael Anna by Sarah L. Donovan

This little babe was born on the 26th August at 9:48am. She's stolen our hearts... and our sleep!